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Book Report ; The Three Musketeers (by: Alexandre Dumas)

Title : The Three Musketeers
Author : Alexandre Dumas
Publisher : Penguin Books 2000
Published : 2008

Setting of time

The Three Musketeers written by Alexander Dumas is a story in sixteenth century. It is a fascinating and entertaining story. The Three Musketeers is the example of heroic story and it is happened in exciting times in European history.

Setting of Place

The Three Musketeers takes place in France in most of the story and some of the story takes place in England. “Well, all right” said D’Artagnan’s father. “Go to Paris” (chapter 1, first line page 1). The era of the story was the era of Louise XIII in France and The Duke of Buckingham.

3 Major Characters

a. D’Artagnan
    The heroic story of The Three Musketeers most of the adventures tell about D’Artagnan’s adventures. He is the first and the major character I the story. He did the adventure in exciting way, brilliant and full of honesty. A person who has a courage that reflects honesty and tough intention to be a musketeer like his father was.
b.Constance Bonacieux
    She has an important rule in making D’Artagnan’s history and find his life finally to be a musketeer. She involves him to the duty from the Queen and there the story begins. The Queen asked D’Artagnan to help her to send a letter to The Duke of Buckingham. D’Artagnan felt in love with her in the story finally.

c. Athos, Porthos and Aramis (The Three Musketeers)
    They are the three musketeers who have a tough loyalty to The King under the command from Monsieur de Treville, the three musketeer’s leader. They are the important actors after D’Artagnan.


The Three Musketeers written by Alexandre Dumas is a heroic story in the age of the King of France in sixteenth century. D’Artagnan who is the major character starts to move to Paris to be a musketeers by suggest of his father. The story begins when D’Artagnan arrives at Meung city and got involve in a fight with the three men, but somebody hit him from behind and he falls down on the ground. There in an inn, he meets Milady and Cardinal, they are talking about a secret plan.

The story continues when D’Artagnan had an appointment to do three duels with Arthos, Porthos and Aramis in the same day. But then, when they wanted to start the duel, suddenly the Cardinal’s guards came and they have to fight the guards. They were three musketeers but D’Artagnan offered a help to fight with the musketeers. So, the musketeers added one person, but still they only four persons against five guards. Finally the three musketeers and D’Artagnan won the fighting.

D’Artagnan fascinating the three musketeers by the way he fight and they met again in Monsieur de Treville’s house when D’Artagnan got a duty from the Queen to send the letter to The Duke of Buckingham. Monsieur de Treville commands the three musketeers to accompany D’Artagnan to go to England. The Queen had a problem, she intended to wear the diamonds at the party but the diamonds were not with her. They were at the house of The Duke of Buckingham. But, in other side the Cardinal had a tricky plan to the Queen.

D’Artagnan arrived in London and met The Duke of Buckingham. The letter was about the diamonds. The Duke gave a letter and a box of diamonds, but then he shock because the diamonds were not twelve, he lost two diamonds. The Duke remembered that he had a dinner with Lady de Winter then he paid a man to make them two more diamonds pins. At the dinner, everything was fine and everybody seemed happy but not the Queen. She wore the twelve diamond pins and looked beautiful, The King knew that the two diamonds faked because the Cardinal told his plan to The King and he looked angry. Everybody knew it from his face at that night

The story continued when King of France Louise XIII and the Cardinal wanted to take back the Huguenots, the city of La Rochelle (chapter 10, page 25). The Cardinal went there first with his army followed by The King with his musketeers and guards.  D’Artagnan and the three musketeers followed them too.  In other side, Milady had a conspiracy with the Cardinal that she wanted to help him in one condition that the Cardinal should kill D’Artagnan for her. The Cardinal agreed her, but fortunately Aramis knew this plan and told D’Artagnan to be careful from Milady.

The fight begun, there were about twenty five men from La Rochelle to the Bastilon started to attack the musketeers. But Aramis had a brilliant plan he used the dead man to trick the company. Arthos said “we can use these man” the dead man (chapter 12, page 32). Then he pushed the dead man on the inside of the wall on to the inside wall of the Bastilon and put a musket by him. The three of them followed Arthos plan, “They were very happy with their little army of dead man” (chapter 12, page 32). Finally the three musketeers and D’Artagnan won the fight but the Cardinal seemed unhappy with that glory.

D’Artagnan and his three friends killed Milady by the letter from the Cardinal. The Cardinal shocked and D’Artagnan show a letter to him.

“The person with this letter in his hand
is helping me and France.
3 December 1627, Richelieu”

The Cardinal was shock but he could not do anything, then he gave D’Artagnan a letter and put his name on it. It was a paper for a new lieutenant but there was no name on it. D’Artagnan gave it to three of his friends but no one accepted it. Finally Arthos put D’Artagnan’s name on it and he became a lieutenant.

The theme of the book

This is a heroic story and the friendship of D’Artagnan and his three friends, the three musketeers. It tells that a musketeer should have a courage and braveness to protect The King, full of honesty and teamwork that makes this story success.

The major conflict

D’Artagnan duty makes him in danger, and one of the problems comes from Millady who has a big anger to him.

How does the story end?

D’Artagnan finally he became a Lieutenant just like his father has hoped.

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